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About Baltech.Dynamic, competitive and determined

Baltech, a group of companies operating in the construction, real estate, energy, agriculture and livestock sectors since 2009, always seeks to create value. With a highly competitive portfolio, it has proven itself to be reliable in every field in which it operates, and has demonstrated its creativity and understanding of sustainability by prioritizing humanity and nature.

One of the most important features that makes Baltech stand out both in Turkey and in the world with this understanding is that it has made significant investments by using current technology correctly and always following improvements in business functions. The feature of the company that has always maintained its strength is its belief in collective action. Baltech aims to be one with its employees, customers and all business partners.


Welcome to Baltech, where dynamism meets determination, and success is a journey embraced across diverse business fields in Turkey and Azerbaijan. As a powerhouse of innovation and resilience, Baltech Group stands tall in design, construction, tourism, real estate, agriculture, stockbreeding, energy, and even games of chance. Our dynamic structure propels us forward, setting new standards in every endeavor.  At the heart of our success lies a responsibility—to our shareholders, environment, and nature. 

Baltech Group is committed to adding value to the employment landscape, market dynamics, and the overall economy of our business territories. We prioritize the satisfaction of our employees, suppliers, and customers alike, recognizing them as integral components of our success story. Our workforce, handpicked for their ability to create a solid foundation of success and trustworthiness, is safeguarded by a conscientious approach. 

Science and technology are the driving forces behind our projects, yet we acknowledge the importance of preserving the natural equilibrium. Baltech Group embraces opportunities powered by nature, aligning with our core values of environmental respect, and harnessing the power of natural resources. 


Expertise and experience define us. Thanks to our specialized group companies operating in various sectors, Baltech Group has become a beacon of knowledge and skill. Each of our ventures embodies honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness, as we prioritize ethical values above commercial responsibilities. It is our firm belief that adhering to the same ethical principles across all group companies is the key to fostering honesty and trust in our works. 

Our vision is ambitious—to lead the sector, set the standards, promote research, development, and innovation, and participate with reputable brands on a global scale. To achieve this, we are dedicated to acquiring sufficient technology and knowledge, fostering cooperation, and supporting value-producers. 

Our mission is clear—to provide high-quality, customer-oriented services to various sectors in our countries under modern conditions. We aim to be a reputable and trustworthy brand, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations. 

We are on this journey of innovation, responsibility, and success. At Baltech Group, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them, setting the stage for a future where leadership knows no bounds.

About BaltechSafe, stable and innovative

We have been achieving excellent innovation
with trust and stability.

The different sectors in which the companies in the Baltech Group family operate make us specialized in many areas. The experience and know-how of the group has transformed into the power and experience of all companies.

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