Working with BaltechEstablishing creative structure

The basis of our Human Resources policy is to prepare and develop the necessary manpower and infrastructure in order to ensure that the companies affiliated with us can achieve their goals and objectives by making evaluations in line with their goals and visions, and to establish a learning and creative structure using modern management techniques. Being a member of Baltech is to create a synergy that works by bringing together different views, being open to innovations, prioritizing customer requests above all else, committed to self-improvement, while remaining within a reliable and quality service approach.  

Baltech Group is the best choice for those who want to work in an institution that offers long-term career opportunities rather than short-term ones, is open to different ideas and thoughts, aims to be a pioneer and innovative in every field it enters, who believes in quality service, respects ethical and professional values, and creates equality of opportunity among employees. 

Our Human Resources practices are as follows:

  • Performance
  • Evaluation
  • Rotation
  • Orientation
  • Remote Working
  • Employee Health

Mobility between suitable positions within the group companies is encouraged in terms of domestic and international technical and behavioral competencies required by the position, domestic and international rotation, development and performance management system results, promotions and appointments, career development, information sharing and cultural development.

Compensation Management

An application is carried out to determine a fair, business-critical and competitive base wage on the basis of the business values ​​and wage policy determined for each position (white-collar and/or blue-collar).

Industrial Relations

Industrial relations, which we define as a systematic function in accordance with legal legislation, employment contracts and personnel regulations; Our activities are handled within a broad framework, from personnel affairs processes to social rights, and are managed as a human resources process that produces value.